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Hello and welcome!  We’re so happy to meet you.  Let us introduce ourselves:

                  Taylor Best – Professional media guy at your service.

                  Monica Abdul-Chani – Full-time supporting partner and PhD student

                  Stella – CEO of leaf chasing, professional cuddle bug, a tiny bit crazy pants

Taylor was born in Toronto, Canada but moved to East Lyme, Connecticut when he was 5 years old. When he was in 5th grade, Taylor’s family packed up and moved once more to Nashville, Tennessee where he and his 3 brothers grew up. Even though he’s originally a northern baby, Taylor will swear he’s a southern boy at heart. Taylor loves photography/videography (duh!), lacrosse, paintball, and Stella.

Monica was born in Newton, New Jersey, a small, rural town in the northeast corner of the Garden State. This is where she grew up and went to school with the same small group of friends before heading off to college. There’s no question here that Monica is a proud Jersey Girl – but you won’t hear an accent unless she’s stuck in traffic! Monica loves reading, dancing, talking, binge-watching Netflix, and Stella – of course.

Taylor and Monica met at Skidmore College in upstate New York during their undergraduate years. Taylor was a senior Business major studying marketing and Monica was a freshman double-major in Psychology and Spanish. They both swam for their collegiate team where they met and practiced together daily. The two started dating a week before Taylor graduated and moved back down to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 to being working as a media creator. So began their 2.5 year long-distance relationship – all you long-distance couples out there… We feel you.

After Monica graduated from Skidmore in 2017 and began her Clinical Psychology PhD program in Birmingham, Alabama that same year, the two went from barely seeing each other once a month to living together 24/7. This is when Taylor opened his independent media company, dabbling across fields from construction to fashion, weddings to the automobile industry. With the experience of owning his own business, Taylor discovered his love for telling compelling stories with beautiful imagery.

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